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Programs and Packages

For all the transitions in your life

Young Adult Group Coaching

This is a group coaching program focused on "What school counselors want to teach students, but don't have time for".  The group members will have weekly videos to watch and assignments to complete before coming to the the weekly virtual meetings.  Here we will discuss what they learned and where there might be roadblocks in their learning. Topics covered include, but aren't limited to: stress management, social anxiety, goal setting, mindfulness, mindset editing, accountability and ownership, time management, and radical authenticity.

Three  month transition package

Transitions are hard.  It's hard to know where to go and sometimes the answers don't seem to come fast enough.  I work in three month increments with three weeks on and one week off.  All sessions are client driven and you'll embark on a profound self-discovery journey. By the end of our time together you will understand what it means to  be radically authentic and own your mindset to create the life you truly want to be living.  My goal is to provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment, allowing you to freely express your thoughts and concerns. Through active listening and purposeful conversations we will identify areas where you feel stuck or uncertain, and together, we will develop a roadmap.

One time coaching session

Sometimes all you need is one hour of space and purposeful conversation to get through the "muck" in your head. This option is typically for previous clients. 

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